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The Association is destined to represent and protect general interests of ceramic materials manufacturers, to promote search and creation of business relations with domestic and foreign partners, to introduce and develop modern principles of ceramic materials manufacture, to analyze the consumer market. The Association will make it possible to establish close cooperation with authorities of various levels and also will provide elaboration and implementation of the uniform concerted policy of manufacturers of bricks and other ceramic materials.

The art of burning bricks is considered to be one of the most ancient achievements of mankind. However huge variety of modern building materials offered in the market, bricks and other ceramic materials have a main and indisputable advantage on reinforced concrete structures, foam-concrete blocks, monolith and steel structures with thermal insulation – it is their ecological safety, stability, durability, fire resistance and ability to support balanced humidity conditions.

Unlike products made of concrete, ceramic materials have the lowest background radiation level.

Besides, brick buildings maintenance cost many times as low in comparison with other materials.

The set of state standards regulating manufacturing and use of ceramic materials was established at the end of the last century. Since that time technologies, equipment, production assortment have changed. There was a necessity to develop a new system of technical norms and standards, to create universal regulatory documents, to harmonize them with international and European requirements.

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