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Main Trends of the Association Activity

The main trends of the Association activity include:

  • Formation of public opinion in favor of ecologically safe, reliable and durable ceramic materials used in construction.
  • Ever possible promotion of ceramic materials in the market as the most suitable for Russian weather conditions.
  • Elaboration of standards, regulations and specifications in production and application of ceramic materials.
  • Assistance to state authorities and other structures in elaboration and implementation of regional and all-Russian programs of ceramic materials manufacture development.
  • Assistance in training and engagement of professional personnel for ceramic products manufactures.
  • Establishment of career development system for technical and industrial personnel on the basis of the analysis of advanced domestic and foreign experience and completion of practical training courses at domestic and foreign enterprises.
  • Assistance in the organization of qualified legal defense of the enterprises being the members of the Association in case of occurrence of commercial and other disputes.
  • Active participation in construction exhibitions, seminars, conferences for the purpose of ceramic materials advantages promotion, sharing experiences in production manufacture and sales, collection of the information in order to analyze tendencies of the construction market development.

The Association’s priority is to protect the industry interests by elaborating regulatory documents being the base for application of the whole range of products in construction of solid brick walls and effective bricklaying works.

At present the Association is getting ready for achieving the following goals:

  1. Elaboration of GOST for clinker bricks as a stand-alone type of construction ceramics.
  2. Application for updating of the obsolete SNiP for rock (reinforced) structures with subsequent transformation thereof into a code of practice being an appendix to the Technical Regulations on Safety of Buildings and Constructions.

Availability of the code of practice implicitly describing a ceramic wall (with application of aerated ceramics and front bricks) which will meet sanitary and hygienic requirements of technical regulations with regard to all characteristics, including thermotechnical ones, will give a chance to use wall ceramic materials in the process of buildings and constructions design.

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